Jeans to Don this season

Men’s jeans are one of the most basic yet most stylish staples. We tend to underestimate the power a pair of denim jeans hold over your entire look as a pair of men’s denim jeans can make or break your entire look, so choosing the right pair is really important. Having the trendiest and right pair of denim men’s jeans in your wardrobe, should be your first priority while shopping. We understand it can become pretty overwhelming to find just the perfect fit for you. However, there’s no need to worry because we are here to take all your fashion related worries away. Hence why, we have curated a list of the best, most stylish must have pairs of denim jeans, every man should have in their closet. So, without any further delay, let’s get help to give your wardrobe a refresh.

Faded Dream:

faded jeans
These faded beauty should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. It gives off a retro look and can elevate the look of your whole outfit instantly. You can style it in an endless number of ways, from a casual look to a party look or even with an ethnic top wear, it goes flawlessly with everything.

The Rugged style:

rugged jeans
Ripped jeans have a reputation of being just casual wear, but it’s completely false. If styled right, you can don it at any possible occasion. From party wear to ethnic wear, it goes with everything. You can pair it with your favorite ethnic kurta along with a pair of punjabi juttis and voila, you are instantly the star of the party. 

The Classic Black:

black jeans
Black is that one color which will no matter what, will always look good with every other color. Even monochrome outfits work extremely well. Every man should have at least a pair of plain black denim jeans in their wardrobe. You can create every possible look with this versatile staple, from look extremely classy to urbane, every look is possible with a black denim jeans.

There you have it, the trendiest, most versatile styles of men’s jeans, every man should have in their closet. For more styling tips and urbane apparel, visit ID Being cult.

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