Monsoon is coming! With the blink of the eye we have our beloved monsoon season standing in front of us. While Delhi and many other regions witnessed few rainfalls, the coming end of the month is predicted to bring in monsoon. Well, it’s a reason to be happy amidst the pandemic.

The smell of fresh grass, watered plants, Cold wind and those chilled water droplets is a mist of beauty we love. Comes the monsoon, comes our taste buds for street pakodas, chaat, tikki and what not! We all love to go out to have those and be a part of the weather always.

While stepping out in this weather is fun, we do dislike some of the effect it causes like Smelly socks, sloppy outfits and squeaky shoes. We hate those let’s all admit it. So, what can be done for those cons that we face when the monsoon arrives!?

It won’t be wrong in saying that though, we can be completely in awe with the monsoon arriving, but somewhere soaking wet is not a very pleasing sight! Not to mention, rainy season is the trickiest when it comes to dressing and looking stylish. While monsoon can wreak havoc on men’s sartorial choices and put one in an embarrassing situation we shouldn’t let the damp weather weigh you down. This monsoon, we’ll tell you how you can keep your feet happy but without having to compromise on style!

Monsoon footwear has to be durable and that being said, you all will have to bid goodbye to your favorite sneakers as they tend to absorb water, making your feet wet and soggy. But, there are numerous men online footwear options that you can choose from. So, read on and find out which monsoon slippers you should go for to brighten up the dull and gloomy rainy days at times.

  1. The good old flip-flops: They never fail. Yes! You read that right. The flip-flops actually help you to walk in the rain and it is considered the most comfortable when it comes to rain check list. The flip-flops give you grip to walk. We can always experiment with the type of flip flop we choose. Like here on ID you can find some really trend setting flip-flops for your rain day
  2. Strapped sandals: These are the best fits for the rain day outing. People have mis-conceptions that sandals are not for rains, it’s actually not true. The sandals are a good fit for those rainy day walks. It is indeed one of the great inventions in the category of footwear. Plus, sandals can also be worn even if it’s not raining and with any attire indeed, and ID’s shoe for men collection proves it.
  3. Rubber soled sandals: It is a perfect bliss. Be it crocs style, covered style, sandals with rubber sole help you in making a nice grip and are always light on weight. The weight plays and important role in rainy seasons. The rubber sole actually helps you in moving around swiftly and make your style statements actually a notch up!

So, here you all set to rock your monsoon look! Keep in mind these umbrella thoughts and be ready for the monsoon season.

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