Keep Your Feet Comfortable and Happy While at Home

When you’re working from home, staying-stylish-yet-comfortable is definitely everybody’s goal to achieve. Picking the right footwear can help you maximize your comfort and increase your productivity! But before you buy men’s shoes online, keep these few tips to ensure you select perfect footwear for yourself:

1.  Buy a Pair of Comfortable Sandals

Your shoe-drobe is definitely incomplete without a nice comfortable pair of sandals. Open-toe men sandals are the best option during these times. Whether you’re running to a grocery store or taking your pet for an evening stroll or just working from home, they make for the best footwear. Investing in a comfortable pair of men’s sandals in the right fit will ensure optimum blood circulation, as well as provide utmost comfort.

2.  Focus on the Shoes with Grip for Your Workout

Since exercising outdoors can be risky, your feet demand good grip shoes with optimal coverage so that you don’t trip while you workout from home. There are two factors to keep in mind while buying your workout companion – quality and comfort. The best combination would be to look for lightweight shoes to prevent your feet from feeling heavy while exercising.

3.  Select Footwear that is Durable

We can’t emphasize enough on how important it is for your footwear to be durable. You should be looking for tough yet supple leathers & durable soles even when you’re just at home. A good quality work shoe should give you months of quality service if not more. If it doesn’t, then walk away.

Still confused about what to pick for your work from home days when you wish to buy men’s shoes online?

Here are some top picks from ID that won’t cramp your style.

Tan Men’s Sandals

A great investment, not just for working from home, but also post coronavirus life, these investment sandals are a go-with-everything classic.

Brown Men’s Sandals

The quintessential open-toe house slipper is the perfect slipper to spend all day in.

White Men’s Sneakers

If sneakers are your go to shoe of choice, ID’s white and sporty sneakers are the perfect choice for a more relaxed pace of life.

Black Men’s Slip On

Ready for your return to the office! These slip on loafers are as comfortable as they are professional.

Get your shoe-drobe ready and wear these styles around the house now and out on the town later!

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