Take Your Style to a Whole New Level with 4 Wedding-Appropriate Shoes.

Let’s face it, dressing for weddings can often be a challenge for most men – it’s time consuming and rarely, a man makes an effort to step out of their comfort zone& wear the right pair of shoes. Usually, men tend to keep the attire ready at the last minute, so to avoid that, we have got a list of formal & semi-formal shoes that will help you in getting ready &look dapper in no time.


When you get a memo of a black-tie wedding event, then you cannot afford to wear the wrong shoes. We say, don’t wear just any black shoes – wear the right pair of timeless and classic formal leather shoes from ID that will make you look sophisticated and on-point. Experience the lightweight, comfort and style – all in ID black formal shoes. Shop the pair –


If you are someone who likes to keep their attire casual, simple and cool – then these camel color loafers are the perfect choice for you. Made with the finest quality of leather, it is subtle, and quite classy. Plus, the camel color is not as common as black & brown – which certainly means that you will not get lost in the crowd & will be noticeable. So guys, wear the camel loafers for a cool look! Shop the pair – https://www.idfootwear.com/id1061-camel.html


If you want something other than the leather shoes, then these suede red shoes will be your savior. Boys, it’s time to get rid of the boring shoes and add a funky color to your wedding attire. The red suede shoes will go with your basic monotone colors, with black outfits and will look smashing even with a pastel pink suit. All you need to do is – wear it with confidence and you’re good to go! Shop the pair – https://www.idfootwear.com/id1062-red.html


If you want a conversation-starter look, then drop everything and rock a pair of classic boots with a suit. We know, you’re not on a runway but who said boots are only for a casual look. You must give ID boots a try for an out-of-the-box look; you will look in-style & make many heads turn with your bold choice. Shop the pair –https://www.idfootwear.com/id1058-brown.html

Now that we have covered our favorites, you must check the rest of the collection to find your perfect wedding shoes. Click on the link to find a range of formal shoes for men online, you’ll not be disappointed: https://www.idfootwear.com/index.php/aw19.html?p=3

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