Tips to Spot Best Men’s Dress Shoes

Every man should own at least a pair of quality dress shoes if not more, but what are the signs of quality? If you don’t know what to look for in quality dress shoes, chances are you’re only going to use price as an indicator, and in most such cases, you’ll end up overpaying. Who wants to pay more and settle for less? Nobody! Not you, of all. So, here are 5 signs of Quality Men’s Dress shoes. Use this as a guide while purchasing your next pair of dress shoes and be assured of bringing home the best men’s dress shoes out there!

An incredibly neat stitching is a sure sign of high-quality dress shoes

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You will never find loose threads that are coming out or are hanging around in a pair of quality dress shoes. One sure sign to tell if a pair of dress shoes is of high quality is an incredibly laid out stitching that is – neat, tucked and perfectly secured in. This indicates that the stitching is hand-crafted. You just need to look deeper and pay attention to the minute details. For example: This tan dress shoes  just needs to be looked into for a little while to realize its incredibly neat stitching. Style it with a pair of textured chinos and a semi-casual shirt to pull off a perfect laid-back-yet-professional look.

Pay close attention to the shape of your dress shoes

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The shape of dress shoes speaks a great deal about its quality and you cannot miss that out when choosing the perfect dress shoes for any occasion. Remember that quality dress shoes do not have squared front portions, nor too pointy. They’re always cut in circular shapes, inclining more towards either squares or pointy looks, but never too squared or pointy. This pair of brown dress shoes is just exactly how a quality dress shoe is cut. Style it with a pair of formal trousers that flaunts your cuts and a formal shirt to pull off your formal-best office or business look.

Invest in additional characteristics

Unique style, good quality leather, well-constructed sole and quality stitching – are all the features that you must look through to make the most of your investment. Your dress shoes must extend the characteristics of a timeless design, and yet stand out. This can be attained by investing in best men’s dress shoes in one- or two-tone leather, and by taking good care of your shoes. Remember, it is very easy to dress up or down a pair of leather shoes. Whether you are heading for a conference at a social club or gearing up for a formal date, a pair of good quality dress shoes is a versatile pick that is sure to make you stand out.

That was our comprehensive guide to determine and finally buy a pair of quality men’s dress shoes that are durable, comfortable and stylish at the same time. Go ahead and buy your pair of best dress shoes using this effective guide.

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