Online Shopping Guide: Should you Buy Shoes Online?

Not everyone loves to buy from online shoe stores. People have their own apprehensions – size, fit and comfort being some of the most common ones. Experts say that if you know your brand, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect sole for the soul of your feet. But what if you want to experiment with new brands, new styles, and shop from an online store that’s exploding with great offers and deals?

Here are 5 tips to help you buy the perfect pair of shoes from your online shoe stores.

The right store

What’s the right online store? By definition, an online store with a reliable history and credibility. Always carefully read the exchange and refund policy before you hit that “buy button”. A brand may or may not have a physical store. In such a case, it is highly advised to go through the reviews posted by people who have had a purchase from the store before. Evaluate these reviews to understand the operational efficiencies of the online store. Do they take customer complaints seriously? What measures do they take in case of defective or bad product delivery?

Shoe Images

The decision to buy shoes online in large part, rely on the images provided by the seller. Make sure that for every product or style, the online shop has high-quality images of products taken from all the angles. Most online shoe stores have started adding high-resolution, 360 videos of all the products to help customers make a quick and fair decision.

Read the Description

You get what you see may not always be true when shopping online. A black dress shoe for men that may seem like is made from genuine leather, may have used organic or man-made leather, which may or may not be your preference. Always read the description of the product that you intend to buy from online shoe stores. Carefully read the materials, size guide and other minute details provided. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact customer service.

Find the right size

One of the most crucial aspects of buying shoes online is choosing the right size. All online shoe stores provide comprehensive, illustration based size guides. Sizes vary from one manufacturer to another. And no matter how sure you are of your size, always measure the foot and follow the size guide provided by the seller in consideration. Measure the length from heel to toe and compare the measurement with the conversion chart and size guide given on the product page.

The Test Order

The first order is always the test order. Hence, it is advised to pick a reasonably priced style. When you receive your first order, cross verify all the details with the description provided. Try them right away to see if they are comfortable or not. If they fit as expected, well and good, go ahead and shop till you drop. If not, return them right away!

Make your own choice!

Buying shoes from online shoe stores have several advantages, but one of the best aspects is the ability to browse thousands of styles with a click of a button. The online shoe industry is moving into a new era. ID footwear is one of the most reliable and credible online shoe stores in India that offers a free pick up and return/exchange option, free shipping, great selections and even better pricing. Browse the whole collection here

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