When to Buy a New Pair of School Shoes

It’s that time of the year again! New school sessions have started and your kid is soon going to hit the fields again. This also means that you’ll have to buy them a plethora of new stuff, especially a pair of brand new school shoes so they can work hard and play harder. A survey report suggests that an average school going kid walks up to 7,000 steps a day, that’s 5kms/day in their school shoes. Thus, it is important to ensure that the shoes you buy fit properly and leave room for your child’s feet to grow.

When to buy school shoes?

A lot of parents are often confused about whether they should buy school shoes right before the beginning of the session or wait until after the summer holidays. The reason is simple – between ages 3–6, children’s feet grow an average of 1mm in length each month. This means that if you buy new school shoes online at the start of the new school year, your growing little one may not be able to use them post summer holidays. Buying school shoes can be a costly business and can quickly become stressful if you have to do it over and over again. So what are your options? When’s the right time to buy shoes online? Here’s what our experts have to say:

The end of the school holidays is the classic time to buy new school shoes. Your child may have grown over the summer and to ensure that your child is able to enjoy his new possession without having to worry about blisters and aches, it is best to buy a pair of shoes a week before their summer holidays end. Of course, it is also important to check their shoe size regularly to make sure they are wearing the right fit at all times of the year.

Finding the right size school shoe for your child

To ensure your child is wearing the correct size, it is advised to get their feet measured every 8 to128 weeks. This should be done every time they need new shoes. Experts suggest incorporating growing room for movement to ensure long comfortable hours made up of sitting and playing sessions.

Poorly fitted shoes can lead to a number of health issues. Not to mention the fact they’ll be quite uncomfortable for your child. Ideally, quality school shoes should be made from a breathable material such as leather or canvas. Make sure you purchase good quality shoes that are manufactured keeping in mind the health of your child’s feet and overall development of their feet.

Which Shoes Are Suitable For School?

Before you buy school shoes online, it is important to check the uniform policy of the school. Almost all schools give a list of things that your child would need before the term starts. The majority of schools advise students to buy black shoes for regular classes and white shoes for sports sessions. Check their guidelines before you buy to avoid wasting money on an unsuitable pair of shoes.

Be it classrooms or playgrounds; shoes need to be the correct size to provide the most comfort and support possible. If you’re looking for school shoes for your kids, you can’t go wrong with any of the styles available at our store. Take a look at our full range here. https://www.idfootwear.com/school-shoes.html

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