Best Buy: Summer Sandals are the New Summer Staple

The temperature is rising and the holiday season is finally here. If you are thinking to invest in a new pair of summer sandals, no one can blame you for wanting a little ventilation for your feet. Summer sandals are a sartorial addition to a man’s wardrobe who likes to keep it simple, light and fresh during summers. But sandals can be frowned upon for their notorious reputation and thus, it is important to carefully consider the dos and don’ts of buying one. This guide will help you pick the best summer sandals for men who want to rock an open-toe without shame.

Get Sporty

Sandals shouldn’t always have to look dull and boring. They aren’t just fit for Geography teachers anymore. Contemporary sandals are slick and sophisticated. But if sporty is your style statement, these pair of sandals for men can instantly give a boost to your style statement while giving utmost comfort. The easiest way is to pair these with shorts and a simple T-shirt.

A Bright Vacation Find

Simple, comfortable and inexpensive; a pair of summer sandals for every type of vacation. In the favor of beach wanderers, they’ve made a surprise come back for Spring/Summer ’19. Wear yours in a basic navy or grey with a pair of bright printed bottoms, a basic vest and a waist pouch in a similar shade. This is a vacation classic or a summer evening wear – not a look for the office.

Formally, yours!

The easiest way to set a new trend in a fashion-friendly office is with these sophisticated and high-quality leather sandals. Thin leather sole and thick straps not just look good with formal or semi-formal attire, but also elevate your summer-time suit. Team with some slim cropped trousers, open neck shirt and a similar shade of accessories. These are probably the only and the best sandals for men you could get away with wearing into work, especially if you work in a fun, casual office setting- definitely not suitable for a boardroom meeting.

Fashion Game Up!

For the ultimate fashion star, we really liked these super stylish, all-purpose adventure pair. If you’re someone always searching for a perfect Instagram feed that gets people talking, these slick version of classic sandals can cut it. The key here is to opt for an understated outfit with a flash of something brighter to create a city-appropriate spin.

These were the best sandals for men that you can shop from iDFootwear. Remember that a great pair of sandals can go a very long way. However, when buying one for yourself, remember to consider the setting or the place where you wish to flaunt your open-toe wonder.

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