Men’s Shoe Guide: 4 Must-Have Shoes in Your Wardrobe

Want to look your best wherever you go? Well, all you have to do is invest in a few key shoe styles that can pretty much compliment and uplift your outfit choices. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to make a fashion statement with shoes anymore. There are really just two simple rules that you need to follow. One, to have a small but versatile collection to cover all bases. Think quality, not quantity. Second, forgo fashion and stick to comfortable classics. And remember, that both of these rules are applicable even when you buy men’s shoes online.

Let’s take a look at four classic styles that will become the foundation of your wardrobe.

Brown Loafers

Loafers are a classic mainstay in menswear. These lace-less pair of shoes are comfortable, versatile and transitional that makes it such a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. Regardless of the outfit you choose, all you have to do is slip-on these beauties to look smartly dressed. They can be worn anywhere and with anything – try different prints, textures, and colors that best reflect your style statement. Every man must own a pair of tan, beige or light brown loafer for that ultimate casual, yet sophisticated look.

Black Formal Shoes

Nothing can beat the class and sophistication of lace-up dress shoes. A pair of black formal shoes is a man’s best friend and every man should have these functional-formals in his wardrobe. Dress Shoes are strictly for formal occasions such as meetings, interviews, weddings, conferences, seminars and so on. Basically, whenever you’ve got to “suit up”, these are your best pick. Black Formal shoes come in variations like wing-tip, cap-toe, lace-up and multiple other options. These are viewed as the shoe for ‘professionals’.


Spell out sporty and casual with a pair of sneakers. Sneakers look great with pretty much anything. The most versatile are those with the simplest silhouettes and the fewest details. A pair of black, navy blue or grey sneakers can instantly add sharpness to your outfit than it would be with any other casual shoes. If you want to be experimentative, red casual sneakers are pretty much in trend this year. For something more classic and timeless, white sneakers are what every man needs at every stage of his life.


It’s a fact that guys aren’t very comfortable exposing their feet and thus eschew from wearing or even buying Sandals. But if you feel comfortable, you must wear them. They are, indeed, one of the most common forms of footwear that provide both comfort and breathability. What might look boring at first glance, the low-profile footwear is a classic no-fuss. They are well designed to keep your feet happy and healthy all day long. Also, it’s always nice to have your feet feel airy and fresh, isn’t it?

Where to buy men footwear online?

Online shopping is a boon for men who don’t find much time to go out and shop. If you know your size, you can easily buy men’s footwear online with a click of a few buttons from the comfort of your home, office or even a cafe! Ready to buy mens shoes online?Click here to browse the collection.

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