4 Trendiest Boot Styles and How to Wear them

“A man without an outstanding pair of boots is like a lion without his mane.” Well, we might have exaggerated a little but you got the drill. Men havestarted taking care of their appearance. As a result, the sighting of well-groomed men hasn’t stayed restricted to just rampwalks and magazines. Shoes are an important factor that can intensify your looks and personality within minutes.When it comes to shoe styles, this is the best time to rock boots; they are high on fashion and apt for the season. If you are new to the world of boots and planning to pick men’s footwear online for your closet, here are four must check out options.

1. Chelsea BootsChelsea boots are typically ankle-height boots with a close fit. They do not feature laces and are super easy to slip on. A well-made pair of Chelsea boots suits formal as well as casual looks. Here are some must-try looks with this style:

  • Create a rocker look with a biker jacket, black skinny jeans and, of course, Chelsea boots
  • Go for Chelsea boots with your grey suit
  • Wear a denim shirt with slim fit jeans and a pair of brown Chelsea boots to create a timeless outfit

2. Dress Boots

This style of boots is as formal and dressy as it can get. They have a clean and sophisticated look and are best paired with suits and other formal looks. Pick your dress boots when you’re planning to put together a polished look. They can pull your whole outfit together even if you’re planning a night out with your buddies.

Dying to flaunt the most stylish pair of shoes in the office? Pick dress boots. This sturdy and chic style can survive it all and still keep your feet comfortable at all times.

3. Casual BootsVersatility at its best! A pair of casual boots is a workhorse. It’s laced up, ankle-high and has a unique style. In fact, it’s the ultimate staple in every guy’s wardrobe. Being casual, your perfect pair should have a worn-in, rugged look. Of course, styling these doesn’t involve a degree in fashion styling. Just pick anything that’s ‘casual’ and add your pair of casual boots. OOTDs looking too constricted in the corporate world? Add spice to your look with a pair of these.

4. Work BootsWork boots have a history behind them. Traditionally, men working in industries or with on-site jobs used to wear work boots. These boots would keep the feet protected and comfortable for long hours. Since these shoes have a lot of functionality and good looks to offer, they are highly popular in modern times as well.

This style of boots provides high comfort and safety, which makes them perfect for everyday life. Winter, too, calls for work boots; they are strong, sturdy and comfortable enough for this season.

When it comes to boots you don’t have to hoard too many of them. Just one super stylish pair or two can let you create the most amazing, most stylish men fashion looks. If you want to buy men’s shoes online, especially boots, head over to https://idfootwear.com right now.

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